• Ladoga Lake+St-Petersburg

    Dear friends!
    If you are tired from the city bustle, from routine household activities and everyday problems, it is time for you to go traveling!

    We offer you combined tours to Ladoga skerries with visits to Saint-Petersburg at the beginning and at the end of the tour.
    Outdoor recreation in combination with magnificence of the Northern capital is real!

    Ladoga… It is very close to Saint-Petersburg!!! It is not simply a lake; it is a real sea with the sun going down beyond the horizon, with beating of waves and cries of seagulls. The northern nature is severe and beautiful. There are sandbanks, placers of boulders and thickly wooded islands. The complicated labyrinths of straits fascinate a traveler. You will hear birds singing, wash, oar splash and tackle creak. Chainless wind will swell your canvas, and Ladoga skerries and delightful white nights will not leave you indifferent. Having acquired new friends and having undergone all difficulties and pleasure of traveling romantic, you will form a unified, strong-knit team, your body and soul will have a rest, you will receive new incomparable impressions.

    And what about a camp bath-house with a fresh broom and herbal tea …….!?
    And what about guitar songs round the camp fire ……!?
    And what about the fish soup with fresh fish just caught by you……!?

    Excellent and comfortable outfit will allow you to have a good rest after an eventful day. We  will provide you with convenient tents for two, sleeping-bags, tourist mats, life-saving jackets, first aid kits, pots for cooking, a smokery, a tent from rain, excellent set of products and at last  the foremost: a boat with ores and a canvas.
    Executing all commands and orders of the instructor, the group will acquire skills and knowledge of boating under canvas and with ores, will take a start and will rest perfectly.
    Tourists take active part in cooking on the fire on this route. The duties are arranged by terms. A set of products allows cooking practically all dishes.

    We offer four-days tours on yawls and seven-day tours on centerboarders on Ladoga.

    A yawl is a light six-ores row-sail boat with the total surface of canvases 20.4 m2.

    A centerboarder is a seagoing, swift-sailing two-masted yacht with a stable hull and a center board, with the total surface of canvases 44 m2. The centerboarders are faster then yawls and  motor boats, but at the same time they are reliable and comfortable for our tours. A centerboarder is a step forward to modern yachting.

  • St. Petersburg

    Dear Friends,

    Top Sport Travel is pleased to bring to you a choice of 2 fantastic tours of our fascinating Russian city.

    As we live and work in St-Petersburg, we know this beautiful city very well and are delighted to present our programs. When creating the 7-days program, we tried to strike a balance between sightseeing and leisure time. The 4-days program will allow you to get acquainted with the city and its imperial suburbs for a short period of time.

    These are only a guide and we are entirely flexible in our programs. You can mix and match any of our suggestions or we will assist you in putting together your own tailor-made program.

    The representative of our company will meet you and see you off at the airport to avoid unwanted stress in unfamiliar conditions. An authorized personal guide will escort you around the city in your own language.

    We can arrange these tours all year round; however, the most fascinating period for visiting St-Petersburg is during the «White Nights» period which lasts from the end of May till July. We ask our clients to reserve tours for this period in advance.

    We look forward to your visit!

  • Moscow

    We offer you to stay 1-2 nights in Moscow on your way to/from Mineralnie Vody, Caucasus (or another towns, depending on your trip: to Kamchatka, Altai etc) because usually there are no direct flights to Mineralnie Vody (or other towns) from another countries. You can use your favorite air company to fly directly to Moscow, spend 1-2 days in Moscow with unbelievable sightseeing, and then fly to Mineralnie Vody (or other towns) with a local air company.

    In this  way you can combine sport and culture!

  • Visa information

    We meet all legal requirements and  have an accreditation at Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of Russia so we have the right to issue invitation letter for visa support

    For the invitation letter we need your passport data as follows:

    full name

    date and place of birth


    passport number

    date of its issue

    arrival and departure dates

    To fix the border permit to be able visit branch valley decsending from Main Caucasus Ridge (or to climb mt. Belukha at Altay)  we need some additional information as follows:

    full name

    date and place of birth

    full address and tel. number


    passport number

    date of its issue
    and issuing authority

    place of work (address, city)

    arrival and departure dates

    No one needs border permit if his only goal is to climb Elbrus (as Elbrus located 12 km far from Main Caucasus Ridge (MCR) - the border with Georgia goes exactly along MCR), but it is highly recommended to get it if the goal is to enjoy beauty of the Caucasus visiting branch valleys descending from MCR.It is "must have" option for skitour trips as the Caucasus "ski paradise" Adyr Su Valley lay totally at "near border" area!!!Take in consideration that we shoul get all members data more then 60 days prior to start of the trip to be sure about getting the border permit!!

    Passport must be valid 6 months beyond intended stay.

    With the data we send the invitation letter and voucher to you, and its copy to the Russian Consular Department.

    Please, provides us with Your fax No (e-mail). and please, let us know where (at what city/Russian Consular Department ) you are going to apply for the visa.

    Please, find the nearest Russian Embassy Consulate here :

    Please, check up a correctness of a spelling of dates and other things in the received visa.

    See for general information about how to apply for a Russian visa here >>>>