Marathon "White Nights"

ХIX international Marathon «ERGO White Nights»

Saint-Petersburg office Committee for Physical and Sport has a pleasure to invite You to take part in the ХIX international Marathon «ERGO White Nights 2008» which is held on the 29.06.2008 in St.Petersburg.
Start is on 29.06.2008 in Dvortsovaya square at 10 a.m.

All desirous can take part. The entry fee for foreign sportsmen is 25 Euro (cash).
Distance length is 10 km and 42 km 195 m Competitions are individual.

On the distance 42 km 195 m are granted men and women who took places from 1 to 8 in absolute championship, and also men and women for the 1 to 3 place in their age divisions:

М-20 (1988-1986)
М-40 (1968-1964)
М-45 (1963-1959)
М-50 (1958-1954)
М-55 (1953-1949)
М-60 (1948-1944)
М-65 (1943-1939)
М-70 (1938-1934)
М-75 (1933 and older)
W-20 (1988-1986)
W-35 (1973-1969)
W-40 (1968-1964)
W-45 (1953-1959)
W-50 (1958-1954)
W-55 (1953-1949)
W-60 (1948 and older)

On the distance 10 km are granted men and women who 1,2,3 places in absolute championship, and also men and women for the 1 to 3 place their age divisions:

М-17 (1991 and younger)
М-18 (1990-1989)
М-65 (1943-1939)
М-70 (1938-1934)
М-75 (1933-1929)
М-80 (1928-1924)
М-85 (1923 and older)
W-17 (1991 and younger)
W-18 (1990-1989)
W-60 (1948-1944)
W-65 (1943-1939)
W-70 (1938-1934)
W-75 (1933 and older)

Rewarding of winners and prize-winners of a marathon takes place 29.06.2008 at 7 p.m. to the address: Manejnaja square 2, Winter (Zimhy) stadium. All expenses for transportation, meals and housing accommodation are held by sportsmen and organiorzations, they are sent by.

Registration and start numbers distribution ceremony will take place on the 28.06.2008 from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and 29.06.2008 from 8 a.m. to 9 а.m. Winter (Zimny) stadium, Manejnaya square, building 2, the «Gostinny Dvor» subway station.

This document is considered to be an official invitation to the ХIX Marathon " Ergo White Nights».

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