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XVI Toksovo international ski marathon.

February 21, 2010
village  Toksovo Leningrad region.
Toksovo Sports Center (SCA 29, a shooting range).

Distances and time of launch:
11:00 — 53 km
11:20 — 17 km
Style: Classic

February 21 in the village Toksovo Leningrad region was the traditional «Tosksovsky international ski marathon, included in the marathons Euroloppet Russialoppet.

   On the eve of launch weather in the Leningrad region presented a nasty surprise — the thermometer dropped to -30 degrees Celsius. Despite excellent training runs, which did not stop for a day, a marathon was in jeopardy. Under the rules, when the air temperature below -25 degrees starts canceled. By decision of the judges and the organizing committee, it was decided — while maintaining low temperatures to reduce the distance to 34 km. and prepare a long range of 17 km.

  But the day of competition began to snow, blizzard and got warmed up to -20 degrees. However, this is not enough to decide to start everything. Only half of the participants declared, wanted to pass this test. To provide the participants the best conditions for passage of a distance in such difficult weather conditions (constantly going abundant snow, wind and low temperature) instead of two circles of 25 kilometers of a marathon runner to undergo three circles of 17 kilometers. This in turn allows better urgently respond to unforeseen situations that may arise in such challenging circumstances. Participants started on a smaller distance, to overcome one such circle. In skiers from different areas and cities of Russia, the current unpredictable weather is not afraid, and marathon runners from Finland, Germany, France and Italy. By tradition and according to provisions of the Toksovo international ski marathon has always run a classic style.

  Start the marathon was given at exactly 11.00

  In place overall among the men won the racer from Sakhalin Jacob Lehmann. His result 2ch.52min.13sek. Second place was taken by the skier out of the city of Leningrad region Vsevolozhsk Andrew Kurdin with the result 2ch.54min.02sek., And the third time of the day showed another marathon of Vsevolozhsk Maxim Bott — 2ch.54min.11sek. By the way, Max has become one of the youngest members marathon. He's only 18 years old.

  Absolutely the best result among women showed Marina Romanenko from St. Petersburg. Her time 3ch.26min.40sek.

  Detailed protocol of the results can be seen on the official site of the marathon.

  Winners and prize-winners in all age groups were awarded with medals, cups and memorable prizes.

  During the event participants and spectators of amateur performing artists collectives of the Leningrad Region, well and all comers happy to have tried the traditional treat for these launches — stewed with buckwheat porridge, stew, cooked in a real soldier's field kitchen.

  Technical Delegate FIS Niklas Turku was pleased with the quality of the competition and wished the Organizing Committee «Toksovo international ski marathon» the best technical equipment. According to him, some heavy retracks allow the organizers of competitions are much less dependent on the vagaries of weather and to provide participants of the marathon even better conditions for the passage race.

 Press office of Toksovo international ski marathon.


Last marathons results

Here are last years marathons results. Please click on the link below to download zip-file of the complete participants list.



The participants speak

„…I was running 50 km race for the first time. At finish I had a feeling that my legs do not belong to me. But the main thing is delight because I did my best and covered the distance. Maybe every participant acheived his oun record in this marathon.“

„…It`s impossible not to mention the beauty of surrounding landscape. Several times I stopped only to make photos of lake, pines covered with snow. The mass character of the competition is astonishing. Photographing running sportsmen I regretted that my camera had no panoramic objective.“

„…The route is exellent, not dull. It is not an easy one. There are plain parts only at the start and near the very finish. On the other area ups and downs come one after another. After having passed the lake you have to run upwards all the time.In general the route is like that in Lachta.“

„…When at the starting line the streamer comes up, the way is open and huge mass of skiers make the first step …it`s an unforgettable impression.“

Champion's word

Dear admirers of skiing,
Dear friends!

On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the International Toksovo Ski Marathon I kindly invite you to take part in our competition. I am very pleased that among members of the Organizing Committee there are many famous athletes. Nicolay Puzanov, Evgeny Belyaev, Lubov Mukhacheva, Tatyana Kazankina, Vladimir Belousov, Dmitry Vasiliev, Nina Gavriluk, Lubov Egorova, Vladimir Drachev, Andrey and Gennady Sergeev's do their best in order to keep traditions of St.Petersburg sport and school of skiing. I would like to express sincere gratitude to all our sponsors. Looking forward to meet you at our Marathon. Welcome to St.Petersburg!

Anatoly Alyabiev
President of the Organizing Committee
Olimpic champion