Toksovo Ski Marathon

XVII Toksovo International Cross-Country Ski Marathon on Feb 2011

Hi I very much sorry - it looks as there will be no Toksovo marathon this coming winter of 2011....

There is still a small chance - but it is a very small one - will keeps You informed having any news!!!

In the heart of the Central Caucasus, there is the highest part of the entire mountain system.

These extraordinary mountains, many of which are over 5000 meters with great faces, make it one of the most fascinating mountain areas in the world. The Bezenghi Face, a knife-edge crest of twelve kilometers long, has six grandiose mountains: Lialver, 4350 m, one of the smallest and easiest peaks in the Face; the fantastic Mt. Gestola pyramid, 4860 m; the massive Mt. Katin, 4970 m; Mt. Dzhangi, 5049 m, which has three peaks over 5000 meters high; Shota Rustaveli peak, 4960 m; and Mt. Shkhara, 5068 m.


Welcome to Russia

Dear friends, we invite you to join our climbing trip to Elbrus on18 -25 September 2010! This tour is special because we invite you to climb Elbrus and to be a witness of ELBRUS RACE that will take place on 21-23 September. We offer special prices for climbers and for participants of the Race. See more information here >>>>>>>>>

IX Elbrus Race 2014 participants package

The 8 days package for the participant of the Elbrus Race!


Price in Euro per person for the trip:

  • group 1 person - 557 Euro per person
  • group 2-3 pers 445 Euro per person
  • group 4-6+ pers 395 Euro per person