Mountain Adventures - peak Lenin

view to peak Lenin from Alay valley

Here is a recommended program for climbing Peak Lenin 2011




Arrival in International “Manas” Aiport (Bishkek). Awaiting for air flight to Osh city (flight takes 1 hour). Arrival in Osh, transfer to hotel. Dinner + Lunch.


Transfer: Osh – Achik-Tash Base Camp. 280 km, about 8 hours driving. Arrival in Base Camp. Double tent accommodation. Breakfast, lunch, dinner.


Acclimatization. Climbing the Peak Petrovskogo (4830m).


Day for preparation.


Climbing Camp 1 (4200m).


Climbing Camp 2 (5300m).


Climbing Camp 3 (6100).


Descent to Camp 1 (4200).


Descent to the Base Camp.


Rest day.


Preparation day.


Climb the Camp 1 (4200m).


Climb the Camp 2 (5300m).


Climb the Camp 3 (6100m).


Ascent the summit (7134m) and descent to the Camp 3.


Descent to the Camp 1.


Descent to the main Base Camp.


Additional day in case of bad weather conditions.


Transfer: Base Camp – Osh city. Hotel accommodation.


Air flight Osh – Bishkek. Hotel accommodation. Breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Transfer to the airport. Flight home.

The price of the program is 750 Eur per person per trip.

The price includes:

  • Meeting and seeing of at the airports of Bishkek and Osh.
  • Air flight (tickets) Bishkek – Osh – Bishkek.
  • All necessary formalities (visa support, omission to the boundary zone etc.)
  • Accommodation in the cities based on sharing twin rooms in a guest houses 2-3 stars  (Osh 2 nights and 1 night  in Bishkek after expedition). If you fly to Osh directly the early arrival (before 12 PM) will be counted as a full night extra.
  • Transfer: Osh – Achik-Tash (Base Camp) – Osh.
  • Accommodation and Meals (3 times a day) in the Base Camp and camp on 4200 (double tents). The number of full service days in BC is unlimited (but not more than 16). Only 4 nights and 4 days full board in C1 are included.
  • Complete kitchen equipment including: cook, mess tent, tables, chairs, a mess kit, gas stoves  and cooking set etc in the Base Camp and Camp on 4200.
  • Using the electricity in the Base Camp

The price does not include:

  • Meals in the cities.
    * We can organize Meals in the cities also. It will cost 20 EU per person per day.
  • Transportation of the luggage on 4200.
  • High altitude cook and food
  • Rent of the tents during the ascent period.
  • Price of Kyrgyz Visa
  • Rent of mountaineering equipment.
  • Mountain insurance.
  • Extra food in BC and C1
  • All climbers will have to pay ecological fee -There is NO ecological fee that year!!

Payment for additional service:

1.       extra days (wich are outside the sceduled stay) in base camp and on 4200 –  40 EU per a day (including accommodation and Meals full board)
2.       extra day in Osh or Bishkek costs 40 EU for double accommodation and 60 USD for single accommodation.
3.       High mountain guide highly recommended maximum group for one guide 4 pax.  The price for season 2010 — 1800 EURO per group of maximum 4-5 pax.
* IF you are not experienced alpinist or if you have never been at altitude of 7000 m we higherly recommend you to take our high altitude guide. All of them are more than experienced and reached the summit lots of times. Also we guarantee you 100% safety if you climb with our guide.
4.       Gas cartridges – 6 EURO per one standard 230 gr (propane-butane)
5.       Porters  support

From 3600m to 4200m – 2 euro per 1 kg
From 4200m to 5300m – 8 euro per 1 kg
From 5300m to 6100m – 15 euro per 1 kg
Higher 6100m                  23 euro per 1 kg

The same price on the way down

If the client organize porters by them self, our company is not responsible with this cargo.

6.       Rent of tents – 80 EURO per expedition

Useful information:

  • During the air flight Bishkek – Osh – Bishkek, it is permitted to have 15 kg of the load. Payment for extra kilos  0, 7 EURO per kg.
  • Our company does not provide rent of equipment, because choice of equipment is individual.
  • If participants of the expedition can not continue the program because of some reasons (stomach or acclimatization problems), participants can stay in the Base Camp all the period of the program. These are expenses of the company.
  • If the program finishes earlier because of any reasons, the company provides service of accommodation in the cities according to the program (Osh 2 nights and 1 night in Bishkek). The other days will be necessary to pay extra. Also there won’t be money refund.
    * If you leave our BC earlier (not according to the itinerary) there can be other groups traveling with you and also class of vehicle can be various.
  • Money can be changed in Kyrgyzstan without any problems Euros or USD. But please take into account that the small banknotes 1, 5, 10 dollars will be taken by the smaller rate than 50 and 100 banknotes. That is difficult to change old USD (small portrait). It is difficult to change banknotes with stamps on them. We do not accept the USD with any stamps or marks on them.
  • Cargo. If you want to send us some cargo, please take into account that we do not provide such service, but we can give you the contact who can do that. Please note that the cargo delivery must be organized up to the door of our office and not only to the airport, we will not provide service with customs formalities.
  • Insurance.  Please note you must have insurance which will cover rescue by helicopter in case of health problem or accident. You have to provide us with all information about your insurance with you passport information before we will do all necessary permits for you. In the contract must be words “alpinist insurance witch covers rescue works at altitude over 4000m”. The scanned copy of insurance is obligatory.


Principles of the company.

We  recommend you to follow its principles to avoid approaching eco-disaster.

  • Please don’t take unneeded packaging; avoid non-returnable packaging.
  • Please dispose the garbage separately: organic waste can be disposed at the place and non-organic waste should be taken off the nature.
  • Please don’t burn hazardous materials (plastic etc).
  • Please use only marked paths.
  • Please use installed toilets if available.
  • Please try to follow the guidelines of National Parks.
  • Please avoid the pollution of water and ice (don’t pour out benzene, petrol and other polluting liquids into water or on ice).