Mountain Adventures - the Caucasus


Adyr su mountaineering camp is located at altitude ~ 2350 m.· And what is great the only way to get to the valley is to use special car lift, so valley is not so frecently and easily visited! We could do a lot of nice walks and climbs around - see some of them

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  1. Ullutau camp 2350 - Mestia hut 3200  - vertical drop is 850 m and the it takes around 5-6 hours to go up and 2-3 hours to descend down
  2. Ullutau camp - peak Zimniy 3466 m, Ziniy means in Russian a winter's one, It's other name - "Panoramic", meaning that there are fantastic view to mountains around!!!Vertical drop to climb is about 1100 m (5-6 hours up and 2-3 down)
  3. Ullutau camp 2350 - peak Katia 4010 m(not oficial name - it is just bueatiful rise at the shouldu of Tutun mountain) Vertical drop is 1700 m and it is rathe long way up and down.. it could take up to 8-9 hours up and ~ 3-4 hours down
  4. Ulutau 2350 - Koiavganaush Pass 3624 - up and back to Ullutau? but there is other cool option to traverse from Adyr Su valley to Adyl Su valley, it takes around 12 hour to reach the point where we would be peaked up with a bus. We walk caring only nessasary equipment - othe bags and load being transported with a but from Ullutau directly to the hotel